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4/4 is Chunky Move’s new major work by Artistic Director Antony Hamilton. A conceptual return to Hamilton’s internationally acclaimed MEETING (2015), 4/4 is a bold display of exquisite and elemental simplicity.

In a stark symphony of mesmerising precision, two quartets each perform a unique interpretation of the same choreographic score. Anchored by four small staging decks—floating islands in the empty vastness—the two dances expand and contract horizontal and vertical space, pushing and pulling the audience’s focus. As episode after episode builds upon the last, quartets, duets and octets converge and diverge, testing the tensions between likeness and difference, distance and closeness, intricacy and restraint.

MEETING collaborator Alisdair Macindoe’s sound design echoes the complex structure of the choreographies, using the tradition of metronome arrangements as a foundation for compositions that are sometimes in harmony and at other times in discord with the dances.

In a world full of commotion and clamour, 4/4 is a breath: an invitation to witness an ensemble of meticulous dancers in an experience of crystalline motion.

Creative Team

Concept, Direction & Choreography: Antony Hamilton
Sound Design: Alisdair Macindoe
Production Manager: Ashley Buchanan
Lighting and costume TBC


Mason Kelly, Melissa Pham, David Prakash, Harrison Ritchie-Jones, Aimee Schollum, Michaela Tancheff, Nikki Tarling, Jayden Wall

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For enquiries about production and presentation, please contact Kristina Arnott, kristina@chunkymove.com.au

For enquiries about production and presentation in North America, please contact Cathy Pruzan, cpruzan@aol.com

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