Chunky Move is at the forefront of Australian contemporary dance practice creating genre defying works that have captivated audiences worldwide. Artists and audiences are at the heart of our company, expressed in our dense program of major works, commissions, residencies, workshops and public classes. In 2020, the company celebrated our milestone 25th anniversary and we’re proud to build upon the company’s illustrious legacy by continuing to make innovative and vibrant contributions to the cultural landscape of Australia.

Chunky Move are proud to play a seminal role within the local dance sector and are deeply commitment to championing activation, collaboration, fearless experimentation, and leadership.

A donation of any size would be immensely appreciated and will go directly to supporting our ambitious programs and the vitality of Australian dance.

If you would like to discuss your donation please don’t hesitate to contact Executive Director, Kristy Ayre at


A note from Artistic Director Antony Hamilton

Chunky Move champions the spirit of artistic adventure. We believe imagination and creativity will always be the most important tools in the continued journey of humanity. Art is the universal language that connects us to each other’s dreams, ideas and perspectives. Its pathos gives us empathy and its directness, astonishment. Art gives us the chance to imagine a future that we want to be a part of by holding a mirror up to the present, and ourselves within it. Chunky Move’s works reflect on the future as well as the endlessly complex and sometimes overwhelming contemporary experience. The collaborators we connect with always teach us something about this world, and often something we could never have learnt on our own. This reflection and learning is at the heart of our work. New experiences that are shared can give us a great appreciation for what brings us together in a complicated world where we can often feel disconnected. We invite you to connect with us in defiance of the disconnect that troubles us. We invite you to come on the artistic adventure of Chunky Move, to support an ambitious venture that places dance amongst the greatest virtues of our extraordinary global culture. By donating to the company you become part of our community and you become a collaborator to our vision. You can imagine and create the future you want to see, with the reverie of dance playing its pivotal role. What kind of future will we make together?

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Thank you to our valued Chunky Move donors:


Simon Abrahams, Michael Agar, Wendy Batchelor, Alex Bellemore, Nancy Black, Megan Bonny, Min Li Chong, Jason Craig, Nina De La Cruz, Padraig Donnelly, Philip Rounsevell & Nelson Estrella, Dennis Freeman, Bruce Griffiths, Lucy Guerin, Ken Hamilton, Rose Hiscock, Rosemary Forbes & Ian Hocking, Sean Jameson, Jenny Kinder, Cameron Lewis, Kurt & Gerlinde Liedtke, Gillian and Ian McDougall, Leigh O’Neill, Gideon Obarzanek, Margaret Parker, Frances Paton, Barbara Roux, Patrick Rundle, Clive Scott, Ann Tonks, Irine Vela/Outer Urban Projects, Rosemary Walls, Sue Westwood, Joanne White, Josh Wright.


Carmen Abaffy, Michael Agar, Kristy Ayre, Wendy Batchelor, Min Li Chong, Sarah Cooper, Jason Craig, Padraig Donelly, Phillip Rounsevell & Nelson Estrella, Caroline Farmer, Zaiga Finnis, Bruce Griffiths, Lucy Guerin, David Geoffrey Hall, Ken Hamilton, Rose Hiscock, Rosemary Forbes & Ian Hocking, Dale Howard, Susan Hughes, Sean Jameson, Harry Kestin, Jenny Kinder, Cameron Lewis, Kurt & Gerlinde Liedtke, Sue Morgan, Ann Myers, Leigh O’Neill, Gideon Obarzanek, Margaret Parker, Barbara Roux, Frances Snowdon, Kate Steele, Laura Summers, Yvette Tancheff, Ann Tonks, Rosemary Walls, Sue Westwood, Joanna White, Claire Wilcock.

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Chunky Move would like to thank the following partners for their ongoing support:

Government Partners

Major Partners

2021 Project Partners

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