Accessibility and contacting
Chunky Move

Chunky Move is committed to the visibility and value of all bodies and reflects this in our programming. We seek to create and maintain an inclusive and accessible environment and recognise this requires the building and nurturing of meaningful, collaborative relationships with diverse communities, creatives and leaders.

If you have any suggestions to help us continue improving, or would like any information in another format, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Telephone 03 9645 5188

Chunky Move is contactable through the National Relay Service here or the Chunky Move Office 03 9645 5188.

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Wheelchair access

Chunky Move is fully wheelchair accessible via a lift at the main entrance, with a wheelchair accessible bathroom.

There are currently site works underway affecting access to our front entrance. The best and most accessible point of entry is via Sturt Street, to the right of the ACCA main entrance.
Follow the gravel passage along the fence line and rusted wall, following signage towards Chunky Move.

Please call our office should you require any access assistance (03) 9645 5188.

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Car parking

There are two car spaces for deaf, disabled and Neurodiverse people or artists on Sturt Street, right outside the ACCA entrance. If you require closer access to our building please call ahead on (03) 9645 5188 or contact the National Relay Service here and a team member from Chunky Move will be able to assist you.

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Assistance Dogs

Guide and assistance dogs are welcome at Chunky Move.

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Taking Public transport to Chunky Move

If taking Public Transport, there are two tram journey options. Both options connect with Flinders Street Station:

Take Route 1, which travels along Sturt Street and straight to ACCA’s front door. Alight at Stop 17 (accessible stop) at the Recital Centre and continue south down Sturt Street to ACCA’s front door at 111 Sturt Street. If you are standing facing the ACCA front doors, you will see a courtyard on the right side of this building. Enter the courtyard and towards the end on the left of the courtyard is a large Chunky Move sign. This is our front door. Walk towards this sign.

Alternatively, Take Routes 3, 5, 16, 64, 67, 72 along St Kilda Road. Alight at Stop 17 (accessible tram stop) on the corner of St. Kilda Road and Grant Street and continue down Grant Street. Walk past the big yellow sculpture and through the large undercroft towards a courtyard, you will be on a gravel surface. The door to our building is immediately on your right once you walk through the undercroft.

For further information on how to access Chunky Move via public transport, please view the video produced by RISING below.

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Companion and Carer Support

Companion card holders can obtain free access to Chunky Move’s paid programs.
We accept companion cards registered in Victoria and interstate.

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Travellers Aid

Travellers Aid provides mobility support by offering equipment hire, including manual wheelchairs, motorised scooters and personal guidance services. To hire equipment, visit the Travellers Aid Service Centre at Flinders Street Station or call 03 9610 2030.

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How to use the access tools on this website

Auslan IconThis is a video allowing you to watch an Auslan description on how to use the Chunky Move website
Minus IconThis reduces motion on the website and provides a simplified layout
X iconThis removes clutter on the website and allows users to see the website as plain text
Eye IconThis blocks distractions on the screen by using a tinted mask
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Auslan videos

Auslan video about Chunky Move

You can also watch this video here

Auslan video about how to use the access tools on this website

You can also watch this video here

Auslan video about accessing the Chunky Move building

You can also watch this video here

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Social Story

This is a step-by-step visual and written guide for visitors to Chunky Move. You download it here and if you wish to, you can edit these stories and tailor to your planned visit.


What is a social story?

A ‘social story’ is a step-by-step visual and written guide. It has been created to help visitors to plan their visit to Chunky Move. This social story provides information on how to access the Chunky Move building, what to expect when you enter, and who to ask for assistance.

Watch the social story in Auslan here

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