Body / Insect / Machine
ACTIVATORS 2 –  Prue Lang & Mathieu Briand
Movement experiments – human, insect and mechanical bodies

This video artwork is a movement experiment between Prue Lang’s choreography, artist Mathieu Briand’s androids, and a Phasmid.

The second instalment of our ACTIVATORS program, Lang and Briand’s work looks at the complex relationships between artificial intelligence and human instinct, as the artists observe, respond to, and manipulate distinctions between physical vs artificial presence.

ACTIVATORS is a series of free public events curated by Chunky Move Artistic Director Antony Hamilton and independent choreographer and curator Leah Landau.
The ACTIVATORS program invites independent artists to apply choreographic approaches and principles to ideas such as site, space, time, and material, keeping the body at the centre of their investigation.

Saturday, 15 August 2020, 5:00 pm –
Sunday, 23 August 2020, 6:00 pm
Presented in association with Science Gallery Melbourne, University of Melbourne as part of National Science Week

ACTIVATORS  is supported by the City of Melbourne Arts Grants Program and presented in partnership with organisations including MPavilion, Science Gallery Melbourne, Alpha60/Chapter House and ACCA. 

With thanks to Professor Mark Elgar, Professor of Evolutionary Biology and Animal Behaviour at University of Melbourne.