Chunky Move acknowledges the generosity of all our supporters, and we send a special thank you to our giving program patrons for boldly championing our company values of collaboration, leadership, fearless experimentation and activation.

Thank you to all donors who have given in 2024.




Estate of the late Paul Edward Dehnert
Phill Rounsevell & Nelson Estrella


LEADERS $5,000+

Alexander Lloyd Martin Family Trust
Margaret Jackson
Michael Agar & Caroline Farmer
The Steele Family Charitable Trust



Christopher Reed
Roger Donazzan
Rosemary Forbes & Ian Hocking
Rosemary Walls
Sally Calder



Brad Macdonald
Bradley Medcroft
Cameron Lewis
Dennis Freeman
Ian & Gillian McDougall
Jeremy Blackshaw
Ken Hamilton
Lauren Donazzan
Lili Pechey
Miss M K A Bell Memorial Fund
Miles & Kym Lackmann
Min Li Chong
Cameron Lewis
Padraig Donnelly
Rosemary Hiscock


MOVERS $250+

Amber Stuart
Anthony Oliver
Antony Hamilton
Bruce Griffiths
Clive Scott
Jackie Smith
Jane & Peter MacIsaac
Jenny Kinder
Leigh O’Neill
Loie Magnolia Roux
Margaret Parker
Megan Bonny
Michael Kendall
Nancy Black
Sean Jameson
Sue Westwood
Tiffany Lucas
Wendy Batchelor
Wolfgang Cox

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