Maximised and Minimax

Maximised and Minimax are Chunky Move’s in-house artist studio residency programs. Supporting independent artists, collectives and small to medium companies the 2 streams of residencies are tailored with specific offers that all include in-kind use of Chunky Move’s studios for new work development, creative research and or rehearsals.


by Chunky Move

Maximised by Chunky Move is a support initiative for independent artists or collectives working in dance or performance. It is an in-kind studio residency offering up to 3 full time weeks of studio access* and limited technical equipment (as negotiated/available). Artists of all levels of experience are eligible to apply via a simple EOI. 


Due to our commitment to fulfil a backlog of residencies from 2020/21, in addition to needing to provide space for numerous studio based activities, which continue to shift due to the impacts of the pandemic, we are unfortunately unable to offer Maximised in 2022. We have successfully delivered several Minimax’s so far this year and will continue to offer this initiative for the remainder of 2022. Please see more information and how to apply below.

Please sign up to our mailing list or keep an eye on our media platforms for announcements regarding placement opportunities in 2022.

*During business hours

Melanie Lane during her Maximised residency

Anna Seymour, Kyall Shanks and Amanda Lever in Stephanie Lake's work with The Delta Project. Photo by Jack Dixon-Gunn.

Kyall Shanks. Photo by Jack Dixon-Gunn.


by Chunky Move

Minimax by Chunky Move is a quick response support initiative for independent artists or collectives working in dance or performance. It is a mini studio residency offering of up to 5 consecutive days of in-kind studio space to assist the research, development and rehearsal of performance works. Artists of all levels of experience are eligible to apply at any time during the year. Studio availability is subject to company activity.

Click here to apply.

Minimax is strictly for a maximum of 5 days, if you’re looking for support for a longer research and development period please consider applying for Maximised. There is no production/technical support for Minimax.

*During business hours