Samuel Harnett-Welk

Samuel first began his professional development as a dancer at the age of 10 with The Australian Ballet, after being ranked as a national champion in gymnastics through many years of olympic training. Since then he has trained with Rambert Ballet, The Royal Ballet, Sydney Dance Company, the Australian Dance Theatre and many more.

As an Independent artist Samuel has worked with Jacopo Godani, Cyril Baldy, Leigh Warren, Melanie Lane, Opera Australia, the Australian Ballet, Timothy Harbour, STRUT Dance, GLIDER, Philip Adam’s BalletLab and many more.

A fun fact about Samuel is that he has worked for over three years as a machinist working for Task Automation in construction, design and maintenance for agricultural machinery.

Class with Sam:

Drawing from a range of Ballet methodologies, a class with Samuel will permit dancers to find and explore line, extension and shape with a contemporary idea of movement. Samuel’s classes often explore rigorous technical movement alongside utilizing individual expression and form.