Luigi Vescio

Performing artist and choreographer Luigi Vescio creates works for theatres, galleries, digital and outdoor spaces. Luigi’s practice probes ideas pertaining to memory, intuition, honesty and the changing accessibility of intimacy.

Luigi’s work has been supported by the Australia Council for the Arts, Dancehouse, The Ian Potter Cultural Trust, PACT, Chunky Move, Diversitat, City of Greater Geelong and EIRA (Portugal).

Luigi has performed and collaborated with a diverse range of artists throughout Australia, New Zealand and Europe including Chunky Move/Anouk van Dijk, BalletLab/Phillip Adams, Rebecca Jensen, James Batchelor, Stephanie Lake, Rafael Alvarez, Graeme Murphy AO, Tasdance, John Romão and Body Cartography Project (Otto Ramstad & Olive Bieringa).

Class with Luigi:

Luigi offers a well-rounded and dynamic class that develops strength, coordination, flexibility, sensory and kinaesthetic awareness, spaciousness and flow. Incorporating elements of bodywork, floor work, improvisation and set phrases, Luigi’s class is an opportunity to let go, ignite your imagination and re-energise.