Joshua Faleatua

Joshua Faleatua is an Auckland-based freelance dancer and filmmaker. Since graduating from the University of Auckland, he has worked with Footnote New Zealand Dance, Chunky Move and Movement of the Human. Joshua has also collaborated with notable choreographers, such as Antony Hamilton, Ross McCormack, Sarah Foster-Sproull, James O’Hara and Clair O’Neil. He has helped develop, and performed in, dance shows that have toured across New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, Germany and China. Among these was a particularly noteworthy show Hemispheres that was co-produced by Footnote New Zealand Dance and Guangdong Modern Dance Company. Alongside being a performer and choreographer, Joshua works at the University of Melbourne as a dance tutor.

In recent years, Joshua has developed a keen interest in filmmaking. As a videographer, he has created online content for small businesses such as tattoo studios, clothing brands, barber shops, music and dance companies. Joshua approaches film with the same exploration techniques and mindset found within the creative process of developing a dance show. Through this dance-oriented framework, Joshua has pushed the boundaries of film creativity and developed a unique style of shooting and editing that, in turn, have yielded innovative dance films.