Jenny Hector

Since graduating from The Victorian College Of the Arts in 1992, Jenny has developed a strong design aesthetic driven by her collaborations and the spaces they find themselves in.

Her work as a lighting and set designer has been experienced nationally and internationally, most recently with Kamila Andini’s The Seen and The Unseen for Asia TOPA (Jakarta, Singapore and Melbourne), Sydney Chamber Opera’s The Howling Girls for Tokyo Festival World Competition 2019 and X-Risk, Kuopio Finland, collaborating with Madeleine Flynn, Tim Humphrey, Pekka Mäkinen, and Johanna Tuukkanen.

She has designed lights for Paul Kelly and Paul Grabowsky- Meet Me In The Middle of the Air, Arts Centre-For Those About to Rock, Dark Mofo-Night Mass 2018 and Funeral Party 2016, Back to Back Theatre and The Theatre of Speed, Finucane and Smith-The Rapture, and Shanghai MiMI, Circus Oz-Aurora and From The Ground Up, Rimini Protokol- 100% Melbourne and 100% Darwin and Federation Square- Light In Winter.

In Fragment 31’s Irony is not Enough, Parker’s Small Details and Shian Law’s Personal Mythologies, Jenny performed as part of the design. She developed a residential lighting installation, How Are You? that used light and colour to express the emotions of her collaborating neighbours, and through four of Hannah Bertram’s 24 Hr Drawing Projects, explored duration and colour through painting and counting.

Her work for Fraught Outfit-Exodus II, Prue Lang -Stellar and Sandra Parker’s Out of Light were nominated for the Green Room best lighting. Jo Lloyd’s Overture, Jacob Boehme’s Blood on the Dance Floor and Jodee Mundy’s Imagined Touch received Green Room Awards for Best Production, for which Jenny realised both the lighting and set designs.

Jenny is the recipient of two Green Room awards, for Balletlabs Miracle and Jenny Kemps Madeleine and received the 2016 Award for Technical Achievement.