Gregory Lorenzutti

Gregory Lorenzutti is a Brazilian-Australian artist and food grower working between the spaces of photography, dance and organic agriculture.

His artistic practice spans across a vast range of fields, from ballet companies, contemporary dance, butoh cabaret, visual arts, TV & film and Rio de Janeiro Carnival Parade working as a photographer, dancer and rehearsal manager in Brazil, Latin-America, USA, Europe and Australia.

As a documentary photographer, he finds and shares stories with an eye for subtlety, human emotion and beauty. His works have been extensively published and exhibited around the globe.

As a choreographer and dancer his interest resides in popular culture, queerness, body representation and in the synergy promoted by a holistic experience between performers and audience.

He is passionate about the land — practising urban farming and organic agriculture in order to give back to nature. As a migrant Gregory believes that working with the land and growing food reflects directly in questions about belonging and identity. It also speaks about the transience in performance and image and re-inform his long-term practices as a photographer and dancer.

He holds a degree in Theatre at UniRio (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) 2004 and Digital / Analog Photography at SENAC – Rio de Janeiro 2011 and Atelie da Imagem (RJ), and specialised in contemporary narratives in photography at the International Centre of Photography in New York 2015.

He is currently a Permaculture Gardener employed by the Eco Justice Hub, working in urban productive gardens as part of the food relief program in Victoria during the COVID-19 pandemic.