Bosco Shaw

Bosco Shaw works primarily as a Lighting and Set Designer.  His interest is in work that involves bodies and movement, how light feeds and influences the performing space and collaborations that propose alternate light sources and means. In 2016 he co-founded ADDITIVE, a collaborative lighting design company.   He is also the recipient of 3 Green Room awards for visual design. Projects include; Antony Hamilton – Meeting. Tim Darbyshire – Stampede the Stampede. Dance North – Attractor. Chunky Move – It Cannot Be StoppedToken Armies. Matthew Sleeth – A Drone Opera. Stephanie Lake – Double Blind, Replica, Colossus. Luke George – Erotic Dance. Chamber Made Opera – Permission to Speak, Between 8 and 9,  Asia TOPA – XO State, Nick Power – Between Tiny Cities, Mel Lane – Nightdance, Mona Foma – Faux Mo 2018/2019/2020, Dark Mofo – Night Mass 2018, Alex Harrison/Paea Leach – The Difficult Comedown.