Benjamin Hurley

Benjamin Hurley is a queer and gender fluid performer, dancer, choreographer and teacher who graduated form the VCA in 2016. His practice is deeply rooted in collaboration, and he sifts through and unpacks what these varied and shared experiences mean to him ‘in the now’. His work teeters on the edge of philosophical existentialism and practicality. He combines every-day life experiences  with open ended acquired knowledge as a way of developing new practices to shift his choice making and create new choreographies. His most notable and ongoing collaborations include: Phillip Adams BalletLab, Strange Fruit, Deanne Butterworth, Lee Serle, Victoria Chiu, Emma Riches, Isabelle Beauverd and Arabella Frahn-Starkie, whom he continues to work with over long durations. He has performed in local and international festivals including a remount of Set and Reset/Reset by Trisha Brown Dance Company as part of the Venice Art Biennale Danza Program, and Glory by Phillip Adams BalletLab as part of Dance Massive. He has presented a body of works for events, fundraisers and music festivals including ‘Dancing Conversations For Anna’ , ToTo’, and ‘Strawberry Kisses’ and is due to present his first full-length solo show at Temperance Hall ‘UpAndUpAndUpAndUp’ as part of their curatorial seasons in 2022.