Hirer’s Obligations


The Hirer’s obligations are outlined in detail in the Studio Hire Agreement.

They include the following:

Permitted Use

The studio will be made available to the Hirer during normal office hours, 9:00am to 5:30pm on weekdays. Hire periods outside of these hours will incur additional charges to cover the cost of Front of House staff.

Chunky Move may require the use of the studio outside of the hours of the hire period (i.e. in the mornings/evenings/weekends for Chunky Move dance classes). It is agreed that the Hirer will leave the space clear of any props, furniture etc. on a daily basis throughout the hire period, unless otherwise negotiated with Chunky Move.

Prohibited Uses

The Hirer shall not use or permit the use of hard shoes, stilettos or sharp edges on the Harlequin Dance floor. Any naked flame or similar devices in the studio is prohibited. Nor shall the Hirer permit any person to smoke a cigarette, cigar or pipe in any part of the Building.

The Hirer will submit a risk register when confirming the Studio Hire. All risks and hazards are to be discussed with the Production & Operations Coordinator (details first page) prior to use of the space.

Electrical Equipment

All Electrical equipment used in the Chunky Move Studios that is not the property of Chunky Move must be tested and tagged at the Hirer’s expense prior to the commencement of the hirer using the Chunky Move facilities. Onsite test and tagging can be provided with negotiation.


The Hirer must obtain the appropriate insurance, such as public liability insurance and workers compensation insurance for employees of the Hirer.

Damage to the Building

The Hirer shall not under any circumstance cause or allow to be caused any damage to the building including equipment.

In the event damage occurs, the Hirer must notify Chunky Move of any damage at the time of its occurrence.

Any costs associated with damage that occurs as a direct result of the Hirer’s use will be the Hirers responsibility, as determined by Chunky Move.


Chunky Move facilities provide general waste and recycling receptacles. Reasonable quantities of waste may be disposed of at Chunky Move. Excess waste must be removed from the building by the hirer. If additional bin pickups are required as part of the hire, this cost will be passed onto the hirer.

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