Universal Estate at OHM Festival

Witness this free nightly, durational dance bad dream, set in a retro-futurist beige enclosure in the middle of a huge, derelict office.

Universal Estate is a world of light, sound, objects and movement; a living sculpture where retro-futurism meets contemporary nihilism. Two humans navigate an environment of strange technological objects with no known function. They meander aimlessly in a world that has left them with a seemingly never-ending collection of superseded manufactured tools and materials.

Universal Estate responds to a dilemma resulting from the industrial and technological revolutions of recent centuries. The work questions our throw-away society, our obsession with the next latest thing and how we can find meaning in a world made up of the material things of past generations.

Director, Choreographer & Concept: Antony Hamilton
Performers: Kyall Shanks, Madeleine Bowman
Original Cast: Cody Lavery
Sound Design, Video Synthesiser Design & Fabrication: Alisdair Macindoe
Lighting Design: Matthew Adey
Costume Consultant: Paula Levis
Object Design: Antony Hamilton
CAD & Object Construction/Facilitation: Bosco ShawGrey scale image of two dancers kneeling, transfixed by large machines in front of them. A purple logo of overlaid circles is watermarked in the middle of the image.