Digital Season: ~~~~~ “…derelict in uncharted space…”

Melbourne Fringe Festival
Digital Season
Wed 25 / Fri 27 / Sat 28 at 7:30pm
Thurs 26 / Sat 28 at 10:30am
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In 1974, an amateur Star Trek fan club in San Francisco launched Project Communicator, a non-profit initiative to bring the wonderment of Star Trek to blind audiences, through descriptive radio plays. For their pilot, they chose the episode ‘Is There In Truth No Beauty’, which guest starred a blind telepath character. Despite being endorsed by the Star Trek cast, and narrated by Trek actor James Doohan, Paramount perceived the project as piracy. The pilot was never released, and Project Communicator was abandoned.

In this world premiere season, a stellar collaborative of dancers, artists, writers, musicians, and designers pays homage to the creative innovation and collective ethos of Project Communicator. We invite you to join us for an ambitious movement performance that experiments with possibilities for inter-sensorial translations, beyond the boundaries of perceptual norms, and the boundaries of space-time.

The live performance season will be adapted into an audio described radio performance season, to be digitally broadcast between 18–21 October via Digital Fringe.

“O brave new world…”


Co-commissioned by Chunky Move and Melbourne Fringe and supported by Arts Access Victoria as part of the Radical Access program.