INTERIOR by Anouk van Dijk & Ian Strange

We’re over the moon with the support we have received for INTERIOR. Thanks to many Chunky Move supporters we have raised over $30,000 and will receive a matched funding grant from Creative Partnerships Australia.

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Our new work – INTERIOR – brings together Chunky Move Artistic Director Anouk van Dijk and New York based Australian artist Ian Strange to re-interpret the psychological interior of a house. INTERIOR consists of two parts: a physical and filmic research in an abandoned house in outer Melbourne suburbs and a live stage performance. Within the familiar interior of a suburban home, the dancers expose the emotional space of the house revealing its vulnerable and temporary nature. Ultimately, memory is all that remains, leaving our bodies as the only true home we have.
If you would like to find out more about Ian Strange’s body of work, we encourage you to watch the beautiful ABC series Art Bites:Home:The Art of Ian Strange

A big thank you to our INTERIOR supporters: The Angior Family Foundation, Mary Barlow, Leigh O’Neill, Rosemary Forbes and Ian Hocking, Nelson Estrella and Phil Rounsevell, Jerry Remkes, Naum Tered, Rose Hiscock and Virginia Lovett, John Carr, Jackson Clements Burrows, Jacqueline O’Brien, Sue Donnelly, Michelle Brooks, Rhod Ellis-Jones, Jeremy Blackshaw, Sean Jameson, Roger Poole, Margaret Parker, Hans Brinckmann, Caroline Farmer, Michael Agar, Rosemary Walls, Cameron Lewis, Pamela and Adrian Lombardo, Jane Badler-Hains, Gaye Murray, Jacqueline Rose, Min Li Chong, Gordon Conochie, Suzana Ristevski, Collette O’Neill, Aneka Manners, Sue Morgan, Jane Badler-Hains, Helga Svendsen, Jodi Burley, Sue Westwood, Roya Alma Azadi, Karen Weiss, Li-Hsin Serene Tan, Laure Pradier, Sylwia Dinehin, Lucy Mariani, Helen Forrester, Annie Dawson, David Geoffrey Hall, Phoebe Preuss, Heidi Groen, Victor Sojo Monzon, Anthony Oliver, Matthew Self, Moira Millar, Claire Wilcock, Anonymous (1).

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Image: Pippa Samaya