Strange Distributions

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Strange Distributions

Strange Distributions is Chunky Move’s new major work by Artistic Director Antony Hamilton. A conceptual return to Hamilton’s internationally acclaimed MEETING (2015), Strange Distributions is a technical display of elemental simplicity.

Two quartets each perform a unique interpretation of the same choreographic score at a distance from one another. Four small staging decks, sometimes fixed and sometimes mobile, act as sites for the choreographies, locating action and dividing the two dances across the space; pushing and pulling the attention between duelling distance and closeness. This is complemented by sound design by Alisdair Macindoe (co-creator of MEETING) that uses both phasing and non-phasing metronome arrangements as a basis for composition, exploring a variety of sound possibilities that are sometimes in harmony and at other times in discord with the choreographies.

Creative Team

Concept, Direction & Choreography: Antony Hamilton
Sound Design: Alisdair Macindoe
Production Manager: Blair Hart
Lighting and costume TBC


Mason Kelly, Melissa Pham, David Prakesh, Harrison Ritchie-Jones, Aimee Schollum, Michaela Tancheff, Nikki Tarling, Jayden Wall

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